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1‭.‬ We believe there is one God who eternally exists as three persons‭: ‬Father‭, ‬Son and Holy Spirit‭. ‬We believe that all things were created by Him and for Him‭. ‬

2‭. ‬We believe the Bible to be the authoritative and divinely‭-‬inspired Word of God‭. ‬It is where God has revealed Himself to us and as such‭, ‬it‭'‬s to be believed‭, ‬obeyed and trusted‭. ‬We believe the heart of the Bible is the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ ‭- ‬the only One by whom one can be saved‭. ‬

3‭.  ‬We believe in the spiritual unity of believers‭. ‬While we hold central doctrinal truths in common‭, ‬we value the denominational differences among us‭.

‬4‭.  ‬We aim to live our lives to the glory of God‭, ‬understanding that it’s the Holy Spirit who enables us to do so‭. ‬

5‭. ‬We believe that God created human beings distinctly male and female in His own image‭. ‬He created them equal in value‭, ‬dignity and worth‭. ‬


12345 149 St,
Edmonton, AB
T5L 2J5



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