GRADES 1 - 9

The CHAMP program is open to student GRADES 1-9.  The students will be grouped together in levels based on enrolment each year and will participate in 5 classes each week: Art, Science, Phys Ed, Drama, and Biblical Foundations.  More information about each class is provided below. Cost per student is $685.00/year.


In DRAMA class the students will be encouraged to explore their creativity as well as develop skills and confidence in presenting their ideas to a group.  The class will be focused on confidence building through games, music, interactive presentations, imaginary play, and freedom to express ideas.  There may be a demonstration of learning at the community event in the Spring but this will not be the main focus of their class time.



Science class will be taught from a Creation perspective, it will be full of hands-on learning opportunities and engaging experiments.  This class is meant to be a supplement to science exploration at home and will focus on group projects and demonstrations conducive to a larger group.  


Physical Education

Phys Ed class will be an opportunity for each student to try out a number of skills and sports as a group.  The class will be focused on active learning and fun as they experiment with a variety of activities.  The students will also have the opportunity to develop good sportsmanship skills, strengthen leadership skills and learn about good habits for a healthy lifestyle.  ( Our building for this year is not equipped with a gym, but our Phys Ed program will be modified for the best opportunity for physical activity)



Students will have the opportunity to try a wide range of techniques and mediums in Art class.  A skilled teacher will provide engaging projects to develop each student’s creativity and allow them to experiment with new skills.  


Biblical Foundations

This fun and engaging class is aimed to take students on a journey through the foundations of Biblical Christianity and History from a non-denominational perspective. They will learn character development and foundational truths as they have meaningful discussions, engage in story-telling and poetry, and participate in activities and scripture memorization centered around the bible and our rich history.



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